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Manufacturing Declines in West as China Cashes In with 33% of the
World’s Manufacturing

2013 started off strong for China. To put China’s sustained growth
into perspective, when it surpassed the United States in 2010 to
become the world’s largest manufacturer, their output accounted for
23% of global manufacturing. Fast forward two years and China has
gained an additional 10% of total manufacturing share, with $2.9
trillion of the total $8.8 trillion global manufacturing output,
putting their total value at +20% more than the US.

Talks of a return to American manufacturing may be premature. This
January Walmart committed to invest $50 billion in “Made in America”
products over the next 10 years, but the reality is that this only
amounts to 0.93% of their total sales for the period.

This report was filed by AsiaInspection, a leading provider of quality
control services for businesses importing from Asia.

The designUfactory continues to place most orders with Chinese factories.  However, we have moved some cotton products to Pakistan and sewn products to Cambodia.  However, leadtimes from these two countries is quite longer.  We continue to buy jute bags from India as the quality and prices remains the best.


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