ISA 2013

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We will exhibit a high density P4 LED display for indoor nightclub, show and concert use.  The designUfactory and its factory partners will exhibit at the International Sign Expo in Las Vegas April 4 – 6 2013.  The designUfactory and it partners create custom LED signage and displays.

Our modular cabinet reduces your set up time.  Our modular cabinet designs reduce the tear down and pack time for rentals or concerts moving between locations.  All displays are pre-tested at the factory and burned in for 72 hours under software control.  Also available for indoor: P5, P6, P7.62.

P10 outdoor displays are completely weather-proof and built to your specification: iP67 or iP68 if required.  As with our indoor displays, all outdoor displays are completely system tested before shipment from the factory.  Also available for outdoor: P12, P20.

The designUfactory will custom design flight cases to facilitate the shipment of your display.  Our water tight cabinets come with locking casters and lockable butterfly catches and dramatically reduce the handling time to and from your venue as well as during set up and tear down.

Small clubs and bars can enhance their appeal with LED accent lighting with our RGB strips and modules fully controlled through DMX.

Also available but not shown at ISA are our outdoor solar powered and battery lights.  The designUfactory has a complete line of colorful LED lights for home and garden decoration.  Custom molding of your unique requirement is our specialty.


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